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Intel 82810 graphics driver 6.7
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Applies to:

PCs with Intel 810, 810E, 810E2, 815, 815E, 815EM, 815G or 815EG chipsets






Windows 2000/XP

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This graphics driver update will install the latest drivers (version 6.7) for the Intel 810, 810E, 810E2, 815, 815E, 815EM, 815G or 815EG chipsets. The driver is required in order to enable all the features of the onboard graphics adapter (onboard means built into the motherboard instead of a separate card). The drivers are also needed for hardware Direct3D and OpenGL 3D acceleration. If the system already has these capabilities, then some version of the graphics drivers are already installed on your system. You can use this package with the installation of Windows, a new installation of the motherboard or as an update to an existing driver.

Upgrading the graphics drivers is not recommended if the graphics card is already working properly and you are not currently experiencing any issues. However, without a proper driver, your screen may be limited to 16 colours and 640x480 resolution. When you try to change either setting you will find that they are greyed out and can't be moved. In these cases you will need the driver to be installed.

Importantly, if you are using a separate graphics card, you do not need the Intel 6.7 driver. For separate cards, you should download the appropriate driver from the card manufacturer's site.

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