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Logitech Mouse Driver Update 9.79.1
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Applies to:

Any Logitech pointing device (English) except iFeel






Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Logitech pointing device (mouse)

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This download has the latest drivers and MouseWare for any Logitech pointing device except iFeel. It can be used for Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000 or Windows XP (but not Server 2003 - in this case the mouse will use the native drivers for basic functionality).

MouseWare does not support any serial pointing devices under Windows XP (a serial plug is rectangular and about 2cm wide - sometimes larger. PS/2 connections are small and round - slightly thicker than a pen). A Logitech mouse connected to the serial port will function with native drivers, but it will not be displayed in the MouseWare control center and you will not be able to program the buttons. C-Series mice are not supported under Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Me when connected to the serial port. C-Series devices can be identified by the following model numbers (M/N), located on the bottom of the device: T-CA1, C7, CA, CC, and CE. Please note the CA and the CE are combination devices and will function on the PS/2 port.

PC Mechanic - Fix your PC's Windows registry errors.

Note: this update is NOT for iFeel Mouse users. Installing this release over the version of MouseWare that shipped with your iFeel mouse will cause problems with the iFeel functionality. Therefore, this release is NOT recommended if you are using an iFeel mouse.

The F1 - F12 button assignments have been removed. These can now be programmed (as well as many other keys) using the new 'Keystroke' button assignment.