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Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows (beta)
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Windows 7
Click here for Windows Vista with SP2

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Windows Internet Explorer 9 (beta version 9.0.7930.16406) is the next browser from Microsoft. This version of Windows Internet Explorer 9 will only run on Windows Vista (with SP2) or Windows 7.

Important: remember that this is a beta release and you should not install the software until you have made suitable backups and have a full understanding of the risks of using beta software. In addition, Internet Explorer 9 in still in a work in progress and the final features will not known until later in the development cycle. Currently most of the discussion about features is focused on speed and standards, namely:

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  • Improved standards support: HTML 4.01, CSS Level 1, XML 1.0 and DOM Level 1.
  • The new JavaScript Engine.
  • Hardware acceleration - shifting text and graphics rendering from the CPU (main processor) to the GPU (graphics card chip).
  • Improved Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support.
  • This version is for Windows 7 only. To download Internet Explorer 9 for windows Vista Click here. Note that Internet Explorer 9 will not run on Windows XP.
The file will download directly from Microsoft's servers.