5 Effective Ways to Track My Wife’s Phone


Are you looking for ways to track your wife’s phone? Or do you want to track your employee’s activities to avoid any company data leak?

In both cases, you need a reliable method that is easy to use and protects your identity from the targeted device. That is why we decided to write this article on 5 effective ways to track my wife’s phone with Spyine and other applications.

Phone monitoring and spying may sound like a challenging task. However, you just need the basic knowledge of mobile devices to do it with our five effective applications. No matter if your wife has an iPhone or an Android, we have the right solution for you.


Spyine is the first application that we are going to discuss in this article. It is a great application that can help you track any device without letting the user know. The application works by verifying the targeted device with your online account.

It means that they can never find out when you are tracking their location. That is why it is trusted by millions of users for their phone tracking purposes. There are dozens of useful tracking tools that you can use for location track or call logs track of the targeted device. 

We recommend using Spyine because it is one of the most legitimate spy applications. It was featured in Forbes, CNET, AndroidAuthority, TechRadar, and many other famous publishing platforms. 

Hence, if you are looking for an affordable phone tracking platform, you should check this Spyine’s post


One of the most advanced phone monitoring applications that you will ever come across. Neatspy has been trending in the spying world for its advanced tools and features. 

With NeatSpy, one can easily get into someone’s device and access their data and location within minutes. People trust this application as it does not store any user data on their servers. 

You are the only person to get access to the targeted device with your login credentials. Additionally, the private keys of this application make it one of the most secure phone monitoring solutions.

Neatspy is famous for its easy to use installation guide that takes the users through the whole process in four simple steps. It includes Creating an account, Subscribing, Verifying the Device, and monitoring the Device. 

Follow them and you can track any device you want at a very affordable price.


ClickFree is another great phone monitoring application that is designed for professionals and beginners. The application is quite faster than other spy applications and syncs the device within a few minutes. 

With its powerful tools, tracking a phone is a piece of cake for a person with no technical skills. This application is not limited to phone tracking as you can also check their WhatsApp and call logs with the same subscription. 

You just need to select the tool and access the application that you want to track in their device. The users need to create an account on their platform and verify the targeted device to track it. 

You just need to enter your wife’s iPhone credentials on your ClickFree account and track it whenever you want. The best thing is that there is no trace of its presence and no one can find out that they are being monitored.


Minspy has everything that you need to track a phone without touching it. It is one of the first phone monitoring solutions that introduced an amazing way to spy on someone’s device. 

The application is equipped with some advanced features like SIM tracker and Keylogger that makes it one of its kind. If you are a beginner and worried about the technical part, you should use their quick tips to track a device. 

The user interface is quite simple and helpful that guides you through all the steps. Additionally, you can refer to their complete installation guide that gives you the different methods to monitor a device with Minspy.

It is the choice of the professionals because it saves them a lot of time and money to track a device.


Spyic is a spy application that helps people to monitor any device without any technical knowledge. The application has introduced a new Parental Control feature that gives you access to all their installed applications. 

You can monitor any device’s activities just like a normal parental control feature. The only difference is the fact that the owner of the device can never find out that they are being monitored. 

Another great thing about the application is its user policy that protects your data from third-party applications. Not even the employees of Spyic company can check the data in your account while tracking a device.

Hence, Spyic is a great solution for those looking for a complete spy solution. Just check their website and register there to start tracking the devices.

How to Use These Applications?

The five applications that have been shared in this article follows an identical method to monitor a device. It works by installation a secret application in an android device or verifying the iCloud account for an iPhone.

The application works secretly and keeps syncing their data to your online account. After that, you get access to the targeted device without even touching their phone. However, it is recommended to follow the installation guide to the application for clear instructions.

Final Words

We understand how annoying it can be to search for the right phone monitoring application. However, our list of 5 effective ways to track someone’s phone is enough to choose your next spy application. 

All the applications that we have covered in this article are legit and tested by millions of users. Additionally, you can get the free demo by Spyine to understand the process of tracking a device location. 

It just requires you to head to the demo section of their website and use the live device to track a location.