Free VPNs in 2019: Lowdown on Their Facilities

As the statistics reports, information loss in view of hacking attacks has increased by 400% since the year 2012. Cryptoware is one of the malicious soft to help hackers steal your data for the purpose of ransom.

‘[=In this respect, security tools become must-have these days. But what if you cannot afford them? Some users reckon a free VPN might be a helping hand in this situation. Well, let’s check what such instrument can do.

Data Encoding

The function to encrypt data transmitted over a network is the most significant for the users who are concerned about their privacy on cyberspace. We send and receive hundreds if not thousands of letters, video and audio files and photos daily. 

Thus, given that you don’t want such information to be eavesdropped by interested parties, it’s strongly recommended to cypher it. And VPNs cope with this task successfully.

Do you remember the case when a young lady from the US fell victim to a cyber attack under her neighbor guidance? He stole her photos and used them to blackmail the victim. If only she used such service, her data would be undecipherable for the snooper.

Access to Any Content

How often do you see the note “Sorry, this video is not available in your region” when trying to watch a video online? If it happens to you on a rolling basis, it’s time to change the IP.

The thing is that an IP address on the Internet is like a passport in real life. Your IP determines what pages are available for you. VPN provider helps to disguise your real IP and change it into the one which belongs to a country where access to certain content is not blocked.

Netflix is a good example of a service which restricts access to its content for the people living outside the US. For example, if you live in China, North Korea or Syria, VPN is the only way to get access to one of the best streaming services. As for the other countries, only 25-40% of the content is available. Thus, VPN serves to unblock it as well.

Secured WiFi Connection

Any time you connect to public WiFi, you put your security at risk. Being connected to the same hotspot, a fraudster might intercept your traffic without you knowing.

Many people don’t find it to be a point of concern. It’s one thing when you exchange messages with your friend or family, but it’s totally another when you enter password being connected to free WiFi.

VPNs protect your data against such threats.

You see how beneficial a VPN connection is. But how to choose a service?

Here’s what to pay attention to:

  • server network;
  • compatibility with platforms and operating systems;
  • logging policy;
  • encryption algorithm;
  • jurisdiction;
  • additional features.