The Top Password Organizer Books of 2019

Safeguarding passwords is an important reality in today’s life. We all have passwords, hopefully different ones, we want to store and we all have different ways for saving them. Sticky notes, spreadsheets and password managers are just a few places where passwords are stored. Ultimately we all aim to keep our passwords stored in a safe place. A relatively common and physical way of storing passwords is that of using a password logbook, which leads us to password organizer books.

What is a Password Organizer Book?

It is a notebook, that is very similar in appearance to a contact or address book. The only difference is that a password organizer book is used to store login information to sites you have an account on.

The Usefulness of Password Organizer Books

At a first instance you might question using a notebook to store passwords. It is time consuming writing down your information on a notebook. It is even less practical to stay looking up for your credentials in a physical book. Writing down your online credentials on a notebook does sound old fashioned but it does have its advantages.

The main advantage would be the fact that a notebook is not connected to the internet hence hackers cannot access it. To build on that, a notebook is a more stylish and organized way to write down passwords than some random sticky notes that may easily get lost. The only way to lose the information would be if the password organizer book is physically damaged or destroyed.

A password manager book does have its disadvantages too. The main downside would be the lack of security, meaning that you have to make sure that the notebook does not get stolen or read by unwanted individuals. It is important to keep such a notebook in a safe place to avoid such occurence. Another downside would be that of assuring the notebook is kept in good condition and not get destroyed or deteriorate to an unreadable state.

To conclude, a password organizer book will never be as safe as a password manager software but it is still way better than using some random sticky notes.

Recommended Password Organizer Books on Amazon

Whilst we strongly believe that a password manager sofware is the best way to store your online credentials, for those who might prefer a more old fashioned approach, we chose to list some of the best best password organizer books that are available at Amazon:

Internet Password Organizer by Innovention Lab

The Internet Password Organizer is a spiral-bound notebook that is actually nicer then how it looks on photos. It measures 8.4 x 6.1 x 0.8 inches and is made up of 122 pages. The size of the notebook means that you don’t need to write small. The front and back cover are not the typical “cardboard” or softbound” covers that are used nowadays. Instead they are made of “hardback pleather” which will definitely last you longer. It is also nicely organized with alphabetical tabs from A to Z.

The Internet Password Organizer is priced at $29.95. Order now at Amazon.

BookFactory Password Journal by BookFactory

BookFactory Password Journal by BookFactory

The BookFactory Password Journal is a wire o-bound notebook that has a durable thick translucent cover. It is available in three different sizes to match the needs of everyone. All pages are acid-free 60lb that means it can lie completely flat. This password journal enjoys a pretty stylish cover.

The BookFactory’s Password Journal is a simple password logbook that provides specific fields to store websites, usernames, passwords, email addresses and any notes that need to be jotted down.

As mentioned above, the BookFactory Password Journal comes in three different sizes with the cheapest version priced at a low $7.

Order BookFactory Password Journal now at Amazon.

The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book by Peter Pauper Press

The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book is a durable option thanks to its hard cover. Other aspects of its make are spiral binding and an elastic band to ensure proper closure. It comes with 144 pages, providing more then enough space to write down all the required information. This can be usernames, passwords, email addresses and any other sensitive information that needs to be added. Pages are sorted in alphabetical order divided by tabs.

The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book can be purchased at Amazon at around $6.

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