Firefox 6.0.2

Firefox 6.0.1 is the latest Firefox stable release from Mozilla, made available just 2 months after version 5 was released as part of Mozilla's "Rapid Release" program.

Mozilla brings together a number of improvements and new features in its latest Firefox release including a more intuitive browsing experience, better performance and security and powerful personalization options.

The Address Bar has been re-branded as the Awesome Bar and can find sites using autocompletion so you don't have to remember each URL.

The tabs now sit above the Awesome Bar for easier browsing whilst all menu items have been move under one button.

Firefox has been optimized to load faster and render pages quicker. JavaScript is managed more efficiently, the JagerMonkey JavaScript engine has been improved and support enabled for ECMAScript5.

Instant Web Site ID lets you check on suspicious websites before giving out credit card information whilst the Content Security Policy shuts down cross-site scripting.

Personas are a fun way to customize the look of Firefox easily. Thousands of skins are available which can be applied with a single click.