Understanding the recovery limitations of the Windows Recycle Bin

Trash or Recycle Bin, as well known in Windows, is a specific file location that accumulates files that are deleted by a user. The Recycle Bin stores erased files, as the deleted files usually remain in it until it is either emptied or if the storage limit of the folder is exceeded.

The Recycle Bin in a Windows operating system is designed to have data organized according to columns such as the original location, deleted date etc. Usually located on the desktop, the Recycle bin can also be called from shell command through which you can access operating systems services.

Windows Recycle Bin

We all know that Recycle Bin can come in quite handy when you accidentally delete files. You can just open the Bin folder from desktop and find the files you wish to recover. Right click on the file and select Restore. However it is to be noted that there are certain limitations with regards to data restoration from the Recycle Bin. The below information will briefly explain every limitation and will help understand how to recover deleted files beyond all these limitations. The limitations of the Recycle Bin are:

  1. Storage Limitation – the Recycle Bin folder has a limitation to the number of deleted files it can save. However the storage setting can be configured by right clicking on the Recycle Bin icon on desktop and selecting Properties. In the properties window, under settings for selected location, if you select custom size and predefine the allotted maximum size in MB. The size of bin can be allocated for each of the existing drive on the computer.
    If the existing deleted files in the folder exceed the specified size, the oldest files are disposed to make space for those that have been recently deleted. The disposed files cannot be restored using normal methods.
  2. Limitation with regards to methods used for deletion – there are quite a lot of ways you can delete a file. Each of these ways has its own mechanism on how to dispose the file. Let’s have a quick glance into what mechanisms act as limitations for the Recycle Bin folder:
    • Files deleted using Command Prompt (CMD): A file can be deleted using “del /f name.ext” where the name corresponds to the file name and .ext corresponds to the file extension. A file removed this way is permanently erased and it cannot be found in the Recycle Bin.
    • Files deleted using “SHIFT+DELETE” short-cut: “SHIFT+DELETE” is a key combination used to permanently delete a file. This short cut executes file removal bypassing the Recycle Bin and hence these files cannot be restored.
    • Deleted files from removable media:  When you plug in a USB drive, external hard drive or memory card to delete data, it doesn’t generally end up in the Recycle Bin. This is because the Microsoft Recycle Bin is only designed to hold back data that is deleted from the internal hard drive on which the operating system is installed. Hence any deleted data from any removable media cannot be restored from within the Recycle Bin.
    • Data deleted from network drives: As discussed in the previous section, Recycle Bin can only recover data that exists on the internal drive. However it can also be configured for network drives. The configuration procedure however falls beyond the scope of this article. Consequently, by default, the deleted data from network won’t be available in the Recycle Bin until and unless it is configured accordingly.

To conclude, now that we have learned all the limitations of the Recycle Bin, we now know that only the files deleted from Windows explorer can be restored. As all the limitations mentioned above restrict a user to recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin, only a file recovery software for Windows can recover data in such scenarios.

Remo Recover: a complete data recovery software for deleted files

Due to the above mentioned drawbacks of the Recycle Bin, a more powerful and stronger approach is required in order to perform deleted file recovery. Remo Recover scans the hard drive sector by sector to look for deleted files beyond the file system. Equipped with a robust algorithm the software recognizes files by signature and makes them recoverable. The tool also supports file recovery from any removable media like memory cards, USB drive or portable hard drive. Lastly if you have deleted files using CMD or any other short cut, Remo Recover is the right tool to recover such deleted files.

Windows Recycle Bin


The Top Password Organizer Books of 2019

Safeguarding passwords is an important reality in today’s life. We all have passwords, hopefully different ones, we want to store and we all have different ways for saving them. Sticky notes, spreadsheets and password managers are just a few places where passwords are stored. Ultimately we all aim to keep our passwords stored in a safe place. A relatively common and physical way of storing passwords is that of using a password logbook, which leads us to password organizer books.

What is a Password Organizer Book?

It is a notebook, that is very similar in appearance to a contact or address book. The only difference is that a password organizer book is used to store login information to sites you have an account on.

The Usefulness of Password Organizer Books

At a first instance you might question using a notebook to store passwords. It is time consuming writing down your information on a notebook. It is even less practical to stay looking up for your credentials in a physical book. Writing down your online credentials on a notebook does sound old fashioned but it does have its advantages.

The main advantage would be the fact that a notebook is not connected to the internet hence hackers cannot access it. To build on that, a notebook is a more stylish and organized way to write down passwords than some random sticky notes that may easily get lost. The only way to lose the information would be if the password organizer book is physically damaged or destroyed.

A password manager book does have its disadvantages too. The main downside would be the lack of security, meaning that you have to make sure that the notebook does not get stolen or read by unwanted individuals. It is important to keep such a notebook in a safe place to avoid such occurence. Another downside would be that of assuring the notebook is kept in good condition and not get destroyed or deteriorate to an unreadable state.

To conclude, a password organizer book will never be as safe as a password manager software but it is still way better than using some random sticky notes.

Recommended Password Organizer Books on Amazon

Whilst we strongly believe that a password manager sofware is the best way to store your online credentials, for those who might prefer a more old fashioned approach, we chose to list some of the best best password organizer books that are available at Amazon:

Internet Password Organizer by Innovention Lab

The Internet Password Organizer is a spiral-bound notebook that is actually nicer then how it looks on photos. It measures 8.4 x 6.1 x 0.8 inches and is made up of 122 pages. The size of the notebook means that you don’t need to write small. The front and back cover are not the typical “cardboard” or softbound” covers that are used nowadays. Instead they are made of “hardback pleather” which will definitely last you longer. It is also nicely organized with alphabetical tabs from A to Z.

The Internet Password Organizer is priced at $29.95. Order now at Amazon.

BookFactory Password Journal by BookFactory

BookFactory Password Journal by BookFactory

The BookFactory Password Journal is a wire o-bound notebook that has a durable thick translucent cover. It is available in three different sizes to match the needs of everyone. All pages are acid-free 60lb that means it can lie completely flat. This password journal enjoys a pretty stylish cover.

The BookFactory’s Password Journal is a simple password logbook that provides specific fields to store websites, usernames, passwords, email addresses and any notes that need to be jotted down.

As mentioned above, the BookFactory Password Journal comes in three different sizes with the cheapest version priced at a low $7.

Order BookFactory Password Journal now at Amazon.

The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book by Peter Pauper Press

The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book is a durable option thanks to its hard cover. Other aspects of its make are spiral binding and an elastic band to ensure proper closure. It comes with 144 pages, providing more then enough space to write down all the required information. This can be usernames, passwords, email addresses and any other sensitive information that needs to be added. Pages are sorted in alphabetical order divided by tabs.

The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book can be purchased at Amazon at around $6.

Password LogbookPassword Organizer Book


5 ways to boost PC performance for non-tech users

Things have come a long way since the old rule, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” In fact, the rule seems to have changed to “Even if it still works, if it’s not performing tops, just replace it.”

“But I like my laptop!” I hear you say, whenever you complain how slow it is and the immediate response from just about anyone is to get a new one. You may like the keyboard placement, the feel of the mouse and keys or the personalisation you gave it (and dread having to set up all over again!). Or you simply want to carry on using it because you got used to it and, after all, it’s not broken yet, is it? We get that. And we have good news for you!

Even if you are no techy and get only as far as simple usage of common computer programs and Internet browsing, you can follow these five simple steps to effectively service your laptop at home. Furthermore, I recommend a great tool to maintain your computer’s performance on a day-to-day basis. Not bad, huh? After you’ve read this article, you’ll be the one laughing.

5 tips to bring your laptop back to life

What to do and how Powersuite by Uniblue can help you.

1. Maintain your hard disk

Start with shutting down and restarting your PC properly. I see that puzzled look on your face. What is the sense in this? It is easy to snap shut the screen of the laptop without a second thought and let it sleep instead of shutting down, especially knowing that you also save yourself the startup time when you return. This is fine for some situations, but not all the time! The shutdown and restart process helps your computer manage information and optimise it for better performance. The poor thing gets bogged down with an overload of piling up information and becomes sluggish if you don’t give it a little shut eye too!

2. Delete unwanted files

Clean junk files, duplicates and old backups to clear disk space and optimise your hard drive for faster file access. Have you ever been through your files to clear out old and junk files? When your PC becomes cluttered, taking up valuable space on your hard drive, it slows down. You can clear them up manually by painstakingly going through all your folders – a very time consuming job – or you can apply your new PC assistant, Powersuite, to run a free analysis to identify junk files and old backups. It can also remove them effectively and compress large files to gain space.

3. Clear out obsolete programs and apps

Programs and apps also use up a lot of valuable space on your hard drive. If you are using the program, then it’s a good compromise, but it is likely that you also have several programs you don’t use, which just sit there taking up useful space. Get rid of unnecessary programs and apps by using the Add and Remove Programs feature on your PC’s Control Panel and uninstalling programs you recognise as unneeded from the list provided. Be careful not to remove programs which you do not recognise as they may be important for your PC’s proper function, while others cannot be uninstalled as they are part of the factory settings.

4. Optimize settings and resource management

If your PC startup takes over 1 minute, your PC is shouting for help. It is likely that multiple programs are opening on startup, slowing the startup time considerably. Furthermore, they probably keep running in the background, using up a lot of memory and slowing your computer’s performance. What to do to capitalise on your PC’s resources? Powersuite’s free scan will identify the apps and programs causing slow down so that you can take action. It can also remove the issues for you and apply effective speed tools to boost speed and tweak settings for improved responsiveness.

5. Update your software and drivers

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep optimal performance so proceed with any software updates. Run security scans to protect against viruses, spyware and malware – this patches up any security glitches and also improves the functionality and speed of your PC. Furthermore, Powersuite can provide the latest driver updates to enhance hardware function and efficiency.

How to make your PC maintenance quick and easy with Powersuite by Uniblue

The manual instructions may seem tedious, even daunting, but Powersuite by Uniblue makes it quick and easy to do! Download Powersuite now and scan your computer for free! The scan reveals any issues and what they are. While this will assist you making the necessary adjustments manually, buying the paid version of Powersuite will fix the issues for you – you don’t have to waste your precious time to save time!


Free Latest Software for Windows Users

Don’t know where to find the latest software to update your computer? Don’t you need the newest versions of VLC Media Player, Picasa, CCleaner, and Vimeo Desktop Uploader? We have one useful website to recommend every Windows user. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you’re currently using. It is never too late to upgrade your programs to get the best out of them. No more lags! No more errors! No more delays!

Frustrated User

Upgrade your computer by means of and get the latest versions of your favorite apps and programs for free. What you get is a free access to the best editors, emoticons, installers, OS components, plugins, screensavers, translators, wallpapers, web browsers, utilities, and much more. Don’t miss a chance to upgrade your PC to the highest standards.

From the Most Useful to the Funniest Programs

The website offers all kinds of software needed for any Windows user. For example, if you’re a gamer, you can find here everything concerning this theme. Download your favorite game program or wallpaper set attached to it.

If you’re into photo editing or movie making, enjoy the variety of editors. There are both professional and amateur editing programs on the website. You can find here something very simple and something very professional to work with. For example:

  • Easy Cut Studio;
  • Photo Sun;
  • Phoxo;
  • FaceFilter;
  • My Paint;
  • PhotoPad Image Editor;
  • Photo Frame Studio.

Pro Desk Setup

If you want to improve the maintenance of your device and to install something, which is going to increase its performance, we recommend downloading the following apps:

  • CCleaner (it scans your PC, removes corrupted files, and gets rid of unnecessary files);
  • Papaya 10 (provides technical support to your device);
  • Sort My Files (helps to logically organize folders and documents on your computer);
  • Final Uninstaller (helps to uninstall even those files which have errors and viruses);
  • Security Analyzer (analyzes the current security level of your device);
  • Argente Utilities (one more app for computer security level improving), etc.

As you can see the website has software programs to the taste of everyone. So, don’t doubt and make your computer work better and faster.

When do you really need to upgrade your computer with new software? To answer this question you have to answer a couple of other questions.

  • Does your computer do what you want? Can you play the games and run the programs you need without delays and errors?
  • Does your PC have enough free memory?
  • How fast does your PC work?
  • Does your antivirus software run well?
  • Do you get the best out of all the apps you have on your PC?

So, answer these questions, check your computer, and visit the website to upgrade your device to the highest level possible. It is always a good idea to update your device’s software to fix bugs, make it run smoothly, and get new features.

CCleanerPicasaVimeo Desktop UploaderVLC Media Player


Meet Uboro, A New Tracking Software

You will not probably surprise anyone these days, if you tell that you are using tracking software. Monitoring programs have become an integral part of everyday life, especially if we are talking about businesses. Big and small companies monitor activity of their employees to make sure they spend working time efficiently. It helps to increase business performance and cut expenses considerably in some cases. What is tracking software? It is a program or application that gives access to activity of the object under monitoring. For instance, you can check where an employee is at a definite time and what he or she is doing. Most monitoring programs work via GPS, which allows quick access.

Uboro Tracker App

Uboro: A Convenient Tool For Business

Uboro is a relatively new but very promising GPS tracking software. The program is user-friendly and easy to use. It runs on smartphones and tablets. In order to start using Uboro, you need to have a tracker or, if you do not have it, you can download Uboro tracker app from Play Market. For now it is compatible with Android devices, but in future the software will be also available for iOS devices. Uboro is a very convenient tool for business due to the following features:

  • Pricing. One of the major advantages of Uboro is extended trial period. Unlike many tracking apps, Uboro has a free 90 day trial version available for businesses and individuals. It gives users a possibility to see all advantages of the app and decide which subscription they want to buy. There are three types of subscription – Full subscription, Mini, and Enterprise that presupposes custom pricing. The last one is the best option for big business as it allows running around 500 active devices.
  • Online tracking. The monitoring program easily and quickly locates objects that are being tracked. It can be a single object or several objects.
  • History and reports. You can get information presented by categories. If you are monitoring vehicle’s activity, the categories include driving hours, distance, fuel consumption, stopovers, etc. All reports are saved and can be downloaded any time.
  • Red zones. With the help of Uboro you can define red zones, which are prohibited for entering by the objects under monitoring. If the object enters one of the zones, you get alert sent by application.
  • Multi maps. Uboro allows tracking around 500 objects. It might cause some difficulties, if you need to track several vehicles or phones at the same time. For this reason developers have come up with multi maps that show objects together and separately when needed.
  • Fuel consumption. This is one of the most favorite features of logistics companies, who want to keep a record of fuel consumption, trying to cut the expenses.

Developers of Uboro are planning to add more features to satisfy needs of wider audience. In case you have any questions regarding application, how it works or what kind of features will be added, feel free to contact the helpful and friendly customer support team any time.


Use Your Mobile Device To Earn

There are many simple ways to earn online. Moreover, you can do it from a cellphone. Today, people tend to live in a dynamic pace. They optimize their time the best they can. Possibility of many companies to deploy e-application for cellphones changed the world. Today, our phone is a significant part of our life. We mail, meet, trade, sell, buy from our mobiles. It is an absolute advantage in terms of time.

Trade Online From Your Phone

An absolute majority of companies widens their e-presence significantly. They are doing everything possible to reach the client, and connect businesses. You can earn online, as well. One of the best suggestions to make money is to consider mobile forex trading software. The application is easy to install on your device. Why should you use forex mobile version?

  • The nature of trading requires you to be online 24/7. If trading stimulates your additional income, you can’t spend all this time in front of computer. Use your cellphone to learn about situation on financial markets. You can sell and buy stocks equally well. MT4 and MT5 Forex software are among the best- known ones. You will enjoy using them.
  • Mobile versions of forex trading have all regular functions. You can be sure to read financial forecasts and be provided with proper customer support.
  • Forex trading is a good way to secure an additional income for yourself. If you invest enough time into this business, you will gain profound understanding of markets. Forex can equally bring you a fortune.

Mobile Forex Trading

Discover More Opportunities To Earn

Trading on Alibaba, Amazon and other similar sites provides you with an opportunity to earn, too. Stay at home, take you phone and post the offer. It is done within seconds. You will appreciate mobile applications of these websites.

Internet became the true base for businesses worldwide. Talented people create comprehensive and user-friendly applications for mobile devices. That should not be a trading platform. Develop app about your hobby, interests. Your passion is what will make people subscribe and download.

The most popular examples are:

  • creative wallpapers app;
  • selected playlist;
  • paintings lovers community.

Even if your application is offered at no fee you can still generate income from advertising. If your website attracts people, companies will put their ads on it.

In the world of globalized business, major companies power mobile applications. Why do they do it?

  • Today, cellphone is not just an updated telephone. Modern smartphones have almost all functions of a personal computer.
  • Cellphones are easy and comfortable to carry around and use everywhere. This is the main reason why mobile applications are so popular among users, and why all companies take effort to provide comprehensive applications.

Therefore, there are numerous reasons and numerous advantages of using mobile devices for trading and investment. Today, money making often demands flexibility, and to remain flexible, the investors have to monitor the situation and adjust their tactics accordingly. The best way to do it is to use mobile applications.

forex tradingmobile forex trading


SMS Software for Clinics, Beauty Salons And Gyms

Today, when every person in the world has at least one smartphone and some have more than one mobile device, there is a logical need and the ability to advertise your business by these devices. When you advertise yourself and your product over the Internet for a client and your target group, it’s very easy to override an ad, to remove it, or not to pay attention to the ad you’ve invested so much effort, time and money to put it on the Internet and reach as many people as possible. After a while, you’ve started to wonder if it makes any sense for you to advertise online in these times when the Internet is overwhelmed with advertisements and when those same ads take more money than they do good for your business.

 SMS Software


SMS Service And Its Benefits for Your Business

We offer you an entirely innovative solution that is much more intimate and people will find it easier to notice than advertising on the internet. Use their cell phones and use your cell phone. We have a wonderful and picturesque example of sms software for clinics at where you can easily see how to use the product and its benefits for your company.

And what do we offer you, you will wonder. As we said, we offer you to advertise via SMS. How do you do that? Our company has developed SMS software that allows you to send your bids, reminders, various discounts and actions to your customers to attract and increase your business profits. And you do not need to do much because once you set it all, further everything goes automatically.

How to Reach People Through SMS

Even if someone is not your client, we know that there are large numbers of mobile phones out there. Phone numbers are placed on almost all platforms, directories, and similar sources that you can easily find online.

It is important to specify a target group in different ways to collect phone numbers and to subscribe to short SMS messages.

You can send SMS reminders to your old customers who have left your numbers by themselves. If you offer a special offer during that period, you can also notify them, all with the help of our SMS software.

SMS Service


Why is this better than some other way? Because it’s more intimate. Clients will feel appreciated and you will know that you think about them and that they care about you. They will always be happy to come to you rather than to someone else who offers a similar service and there is no such personalized way of advertising.

Your beauty salon, your office or your gym can be in a very easy way to earn extra money, and you can improve and expand your business in just a few steps.

The first of these steps you need to make is to visit our site, see the quality of our work, and be informed about additional issues if you have them. In any case, you can contact us through our website and we will endeavor to provide you with all the additional information you are interested in.

We are here to help you!

SMS Software


Recuva 1.53.1087 Review

Looking for an inexpensive and easy-to-use data recovery software? Recuva software might be just for you! Piriform offers you the option to either invest in the professional version of Recuva recovery software at the low price of $19.95 or otherwise a free version. Chances are that if you’re reading this, then most probably you deleted some files by accident, and you’re looking for a way to get them back. Misplacing and losing a file is a real pain, and even more so, if you were the one who deleted it in the first place! Somehow, without you even knowing it, it skips the Recycle Bin altogether and disappears into thin air. Don’t worry… it happens to the best of us, you simply delete a file and then realize you need it back. It occurs more often than you think, no matter how meticulous you are.

Before you go into full panic mode, take a breather, as there’s a very high possibility that your file is still alive, and lurking somewhere on your hard drive, hidden away from easy access. All you need to do is locate it. With the right tools, such as Recuva 1.53.1087, the task of locating and recovering a particular file can be done in a jiffy. So, first things first, double check the folder you saved it to, and the Recycle Bin, as you might have missed it. READ MORE “Recuva 1.53.1087 Review”

RecuvaRecuva 1.53.1087


Choosing the Right VPN for Netflix

Have you ever visited Netflix? If yes, you know well, how many popular programs, movies and TV series it legally streams. For many Internet users, this site has become the best place for a rest. Not for everybody, though. There are countries where copyright defense or religious views don’t allow browsing all files freely. If users want to play some file but it shows them that this content is restricted in their country, it is not the end of a story. With the right virtual private network, one can access geo-restricted videos. But how to choose this VPN, is another question.

VPN for Netflix

Which VPN Provider is the Best for Netflix?

If the main reason why users cannot reach some file is their country’s downloading and copyright policies, they can change this situation with VPN. Encrypting flow of data and changing IP address of your network, it will enable you using sites even if they are not allowed for usage in your country. If you believe that VPNs can still access US Netflix, you’d better choose VPN for using Netflix with the following criteria:

  1. They don’t lower Internet speed: When you want to enjoy some movie on Netflix, you don’t want to wait hours for its downloading. Anyway, encrypting takes time and you cannot reach the same Internet speed as its net speed without VPN. So, if you want to use it for streaming Netflix or downloading, you should pay attention to how fast it loads web pages;
  2. They have servers both in your country and country with the softest rules concerning usage of Netflix: The more countries this VPN provider covers – the better choice of servers and the higher quality you will have. There are some sites which can generate IPs artificially but they never give similar level of service as if they had servers in particular countries. Don’t forget that the more servers this VPN has – the faster it will work throughout rush hours;
  3. They use latest encryption mechanisms and technologies: State agents and hackers work day and night in order to decode all popular scripts and encoding mechanisms. So, if your provider uses similar scheme for more than 3 years – it is possible that somebody already has a decoder.

VPN Netflix

Is It Legal to use Virtual Private Networks?

Remember that using VPNs you should remain cautious and attentive. If somebody admits you using VPN for hiding illicit Netflix usage, it will still result in bills from officials. VPNs give you access to files which are restricted in your countries but it doesn’t wash away your responsibility of not using files of illicit nature. And don’t forget that free and intrinsically cheap VPN will give you the same level of privacy as no VPN at all (as quality of encryption will be very low).



Ellp – A New PC Automation Tool

Ellp™ is a new, free PC tool that lets you automate your daily routine with a flip of a switch, in order to boost your productivity, maintain high performance and security and revel in entertainment. Ellp is flexible, fun, and a real time-saver. It’s cool and colorful card layout allows you to identify and choose the actions you want to automate so that you can focus on what really matters most.

Ellp - Simplify your busy day with a flip of a switch
Ellp – Simplify your busy day with a flip of a switch

About Ellp
With the hectic lives we lead, it’s no wonder we turn to technology to ease our workload and help us out with our daily tasks. However, as great as technology is, it still presents some unpleasantries, especially since most PC tasks require so many different settings and interactions. This makes managing your device, its apps and the infinite number of tasks and activities it runs an absolute nightmare. Ellp can help with this, as it not only simplifies this process but also offers a personalized way of automating tasks, allowing you to manage your daily tasks with ease. READ MORE “Ellp – A New PC Automation Tool”

EllpEllp LimitedEllp SoftwarePC automationPC personalizationsimplify your busy day