Apple participating in “Hour of Code”

Apple is taking part in the international project this Wednesday. The project, which is designed to get even the most basic of computer...

VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (64-bit)

VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (64-bit) is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that allows you to play videos and music files in...

London design agency combines technology with LEGO to create nifty organizer

Everyone has a different way of organizing, be it on Google Calendar, by phone, or even on a Filofax. The team at Vitamins Design...

‘Game of Thrones: The 8-bit Game’ is released

Game of Thrones fans desperately twiddling their thumbs until Season 4 starts next year (or until the next book is finally published) will be...
eLearning Content

5 Persuasive Reasons to Use Tailored eLearning Content

In an online environment, eLearning content is the first point of contact with your brand. It creates a lasting impression on the learner and...

Information Security Online

The Internet has become a huge part of our lives starting from social networks ending with online banking. Nowadays, we connect smartphones, tablets, and...

5 Best Cheating Spouse Apps for Android

Back in the day, knowing whether your partner is cheating or not was a hard thing. You have to either get somebody red-handed or...
Laptop Mobile

NCAA Tournament Nightcap Against the Spread

The NCAA Tournament began on Thursday with tons of madness and upsets already happening. There aren’t many perfect brackets out there and that will...

How to Know Who’s Calling You Online and Free

There are countless times when your phone rings and you don't have the time to pick it up. Maybe you are in a meeting,...
VPN Software

Is a third-party VPN better than the built-in VPN in Windows 10?

The recent Windows 10 development preview update includes a toggle to turn on VPN natively on your computer. You can find this option under...