Meet Uboro, A New Tracking Software


You will not probably surprise anyone these days, if you tell that you are using tracking software. Monitoring programs have become an integral part of everyday life, especially if we are talking about businesses. Big and small companies monitor activity of their employees to make sure they spend working time efficiently. It helps to increase business performance and cut expenses considerably in some cases. What is tracking software? It is a program or application that gives access to activity of the object under monitoring. For instance, you can check where an employee is at a definite time and what he or she is doing. Most monitoring programs work via GPS, which allows quick access.

Uboro Tracker App

Uboro: A Convenient Tool For Business

Uboro is a relatively new but very promising GPS tracking software. The program is user-friendly and easy to use. It runs on smartphones and tablets. In order to start using Uboro, you need to have a tracker or, if you do not have it, you can download Uboro tracker app from Play Market. For now it is compatible with Android devices, but in future the software will be also available for iOS devices. Uboro is a very convenient tool for business due to the following features:

  • Pricing. One of the major advantages of Uboro is extended trial period. Unlike many tracking apps, Uboro has a free 90 day trial version available for businesses and individuals. It gives users a possibility to see all advantages of the app and decide which subscription they want to buy. There are three types of subscription – Full subscription, Mini, and Enterprise that presupposes custom pricing. The last one is the best option for big business as it allows running around 500 active devices.
  • Online tracking. The monitoring program easily and quickly locates objects that are being tracked. It can be a single object or several objects.
  • History and reports. You can get information presented by categories. If you are monitoring vehicle’s activity, the categories include driving hours, distance, fuel consumption, stopovers, etc. All reports are saved and can be downloaded any time.
  • Red zones. With the help of Uboro you can define red zones, which are prohibited for entering by the objects under monitoring. If the object enters one of the zones, you get alert sent by application.
  • Multi maps. Uboro allows tracking around 500 objects. It might cause some difficulties, if you need to track several vehicles or phones at the same time. For this reason developers have come up with multi maps that show objects together and separately when needed.
  • Fuel consumption. This is one of the most favorite features of logistics companies, who want to keep a record of fuel consumption, trying to cut the expenses.

Developers of Uboro are planning to add more features to satisfy needs of wider audience. In case you have any questions regarding application, how it works or what kind of features will be added, feel free to contact the helpful and friendly customer support team any time.