Prepare for EMC E05-001 Examwith PrepAway and GetDellAssociate – Information Storage and Management Version 3.0 Certification


If you want to be noticed in the IT labor market, you might be interested in professional Dell certifications. PrepAway has prepared a guide for you to learn how to obtain one of the most sought-after Dell certifications and explore preparation materials you will require on the way to get certified.

Associate – Information Storage and Management V3.0certification and EMC E05-001 exam is a part of the Dell EMC Proven Professional Program. The credential provided after passing E05-001 test helps you learn the advanced ways of managing and securing digital information. It includes detailed knowledge and skills that are necessary for anyone who wants to become a professional working with Dell. No doubt, the certification course is a little difficult to learn and master, but a proper determination and preparation are surely going to help you out.

This certification exam widely attracts the candidates who are looking for an advanced yet challenging career dealing with the domains of Information Storage and Management. EMC E05-001 testwill verify if you really have the needed basic knowledge and skills that are required to store, manage, and protect digital information.

To learn more about Associate – Information Storage and Management Version 3.0 certification, visit EMC website

Exam Details

E05-001 certification test comes with questions that are tough to beat andrequires the proper knowledge and will to fight for the credential. Here are some basic facts one needs to know before applying for this EMC exam:

  • The test consists of 61 questions in total
  • The candidates are given 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • The passing score forE05-001 exam is 61

The syllabus of E05-001 exam comes with the following topics:

  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Storage Systems
  • Storage Networking Technologies
  • Archiving, Replication, and Backup
  • Management and Security Replication

You can make use of various e-books and other preparation materials to cover all the exam topics. The book PrepAway recommends for the course is called Information Management and Storage v3 by EMC Education Services.

The syllabus of the program requires that you study various aspects ofstorage and management protocols used by Dell. The test gives a brief idea about different storage systems like intelligent storage system, object-based, software-defined,and file-basedstorage systems, and much more. The preparation for the exam comes with training courses, lab experience, and practice tests that will grant you vast experience forpassing EMC E05-001 exam.

Many candidates are looking for quick preparation coursesthat let you cover the complete syllabus in less time. Most of them usually fail, as they lack proper preparation techniques and resources. To help the students who have little time, PrepAway offers twoeffective ways to prepare for the certification exam.

1. PDF Material

The study materials in a PDF format are preferred by many candidates as they are portable and can be read anywhere. It is the best choice for individuals who are part-time workers or those who prepare for certificationtest while traveling. The key features of the PDF materialsare the following:

  • PDF filesare completely free and don’t require any kind of installation. The candidates need to simply download a PDF file and get it printed. Those who prefer reading PDFson digital devices only have to open them and begin to study. It doesn’t need any additional applications.
  • PDFs are also available on compact smart devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. that also eliminates the problem with computer availability, so PDF files can be used anytime.
  • When you upload PDF files on a mobile device, the chances of losing or forgetting them become minimal. It is quite easy to carry them from one place to another, and they can be viewed anywhere.
  • The candidates using a PDF format can get the updated version of the files regarding the exam.
  • PDF from reliable platforms contain the latest exam topics.

2. Special software for taking practice tests

This is probably the trendiest way to prepare for EMC E05-001 exam. The VCE software helps to develop an advanced approach in preparing the candidates for the test. This software can be easily found on the Internet and used to open .vce files. Some of the key features of the practice exam software are listed below:

  • The VCE software is compatible with training filesthat can be found on PrepAway platform. This software helpscandidates with self-assessment. If you are not sure whether particular software is useful or not, you can always download and try a free demo.
  • The software lets you check all your previous attempts and results, so you can see whether you are making progress after each attempt.
  • The students become well-prepared for the real exam after completing a number of practice teststhat include different types of questions.
  • The tests come with customized questions, which are very similar to the original exam questions.

Hence, with the help of the VCEtraining software, one can easily pass this tough exam with ease. You only need dedication, basic knowledge, and skills to do this. The candidates are now moving towards the smart ways of learning the exam topics and clearing themat the very first attempt. But without efficient preparation materials,the applicants are sure to fail.

With the help of the EMC E05-001 training materials and practice questions, the IT experts are able to takeone step towards a new level of professionalism. Efficient preparation materials mentioned above help in clearing the exam on the first try, what can save a good portion of your time and money.Dell Associate – Information Storage and Management Version 3.0 certification can help in obtaining any of the following job positions: a technology associate, data scientist, implementation engineer, system administrator, platform engineer, technical support engineer/administrator, and storage engineer/administrator. According to some online reports, this certification may help you considerably raise your annual income. Some of the sites that monitor salary rates claim that the usual income of Dell certified professionals may range from $75,000 to $107,000. So, do not waste any time and take a training course to pass EMC E05-001 certification exam and boost your IT career. PrepAway wishes you luck!