Ellp™ simplifies your life by automating the most common and critical tasks that you do every day on your PC, so you can spend more time focusing on the things that really matter.

To combat the issue of 'one-size-fits-all' standardized device settings, Ellp offers a more personalized and customizable way of automating device tasks, which is simple, fun and best of all it's free. Revolutionizing the way you automate day-to-day tasks for the better. This all-in-one downloadable platform covers a wide variety of categories including Productivity, Performance, Security and Entertainment.

Ellp integrates everything you do on your device in one go-to place, so you don't have to waste time and bother with repetitive and boring processes. Once your Ellp cards are set, Ellp does all the heavy lifting. Using the Ellp platform is easy, the concept is based on a simple card system called Ellp cards.

Each card has a trigger accompanied by a corresponding action. For instance 'When my hard disk is getting full, free up space'. To personalize your cards, set your preferences once and customize according to your needs with Ellp's simple editor.

Once your cards are set and activated you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Ellp will handle all the rest for you. Ellp will run silently in the background only alerting you when an action is required from your side. You'll see that with Ellp, automating is simple and quick!