SteadyState 2.5 for Windows XP


SteadyState for Windows XP is a free program from Microsoft that helps ensure your computer settings are kept the way you want, regardless of who uses the computer. It is ideal for schools, libraries, internet cafes or anyone who shares the same PC. Here is the run down from Microsoft:

‘Managing shared computers can be difficult, technically challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. And what’s more, without system restrictions and protections, users can inadvertently change the desktop appearance, reconfigure system settings, and introduce unwanted software, viruses, and other harmful programs. Repairing damaged shared computers can require significant time and effort…Windows SteadyState provides a more effective way to help defend shared computers from changes by untrusted users and unwanted software installations.’

Specifically, SteadyState offers the following:
  • Windows Disk Protection _ Help protect the Windows partition, which contains the Windows operating system and other programs, from being modified without administrator approval.
  • Windows Disk Protection helps protect the Windows operating system and all files on the computer from permanent change. Any changes made by shared users when they are logged on to the computer are removed when the computer is restarted. Windows SteadyState allows you to set Windows Disk Protection to remove all changes upon restart, to remove changes at a certain date and time, or to not remove changes at all.
  • User Restrictions and Settings _ The user restrictions and settings can help to enhance and simplify the user experience. Restrict user access to programs, settings, Start menu items, and options in Windows XP. You can also lock shared user accounts to prevent changes from being retained from one session to the next.
  • User Account Manager _ Create and delete user accounts. You can use Windows SteadyState to create user accounts on alternative drives that will retain user data and settings even when Windows Disk Protection is turned on. You can also import and export user settings from one computer to another - saving valuable time and resources.
  • Computer Restrictions _ Control security settings, privacy settings, and more, such as preventing users from creating and storing folders in drive C and from opening Microsoft Office documents from Internet Explorer.




Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

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