6 Safe Ways to Track My Wife’s Phone


The reason why you want to start tracking your wife’s phone is due to mistrust. Other times, you may also want to protect her by knowing where she is at all times. Both scenarios can be solved by using a method to track the phone secretly.

We have six apps here that will track your wife’s Android and iOS devices. They are excellent in what they do, such that millions of people across the world prefer them over the rest. So, which are these apps, and how do I use them on my partner’s phone?

Keep reading to see how you can use them without notifying your wife.


Part 1: Track Wife’s Phone with Minspy Application

If you want to track without being detected, then here is Minspy for you to deploy on her phone. It has the stealth mode feature that enables it to hide for the phone’s wizard display. Therefore, your wife will not see it after setting it up.

After acquiring, it will show you the tracking results online. That means you don’t need your wife’s phone to view the location details. That was the intention, right? Alright, then here is how you do it.

First, you need to note that Minspy will track both her Android and iOS devices. It does not need any rooting or jailbreaking before commencing. Second, it has different approaches on both phone platforms, but they take less than five minutes to complete.

In Android, it works with OS version 4.0 and above. You have to install Minspy once on your wife’s phone and activate the stealth mode. For iOS, it’s easier since there is no download or installation. It will use the iPhone’s iCloud ID to track the phone.

So after registering for an account, you will only verify the iCloud credentials to proceed. Minspy works with iOS version 7.0 or later. Once the acquisition is over, it’s all about logging to your account remotely and checking on the details.

Minspy will track the location in real-time. It will also show you where else the wife has been to. It also allows you to impose restrictions on her if she is going to prohibited places. You can use the Geofencing for that and then leave it with an email to send you the alerts.

Tracking my wife’s phone from Minspy is very convenient. All you need is an internet-enabled device to view the information since the dashboard works with all browsers. Your account will also be secure from external attacks.

Minspy makes sure of that by syncing the information from your wife’s phone instead of storing it. Therefore, you are the only one who can see her phone’s data by logging into your account.

How to Track Wife’s Phone with Minspy

Step 1: Sign up for a new account on Minspy’s website. Choose your wife’s phone OS, pay for a suitable subscription, and wait for the email.

Step 2: Once the email arrives, use the instructions sent to setup Minspy based on the phone’s operating system.

Step 3: In Android, use the link in the email to install Minspy and activate stealth mode. When you finish the installation, the link will disappear.

Step 4: In iOS, login to your account after the email and verify your wife’s iPhone iCloud login details. Next, select the device she is using and wait for the iCloud and Minspy synchronization.

Step 5: When you re-access your account, the control panel will avail with some features and the phone’s summary.

To track the phone, use the location specification on the menu to see the whole map.

If you would like to restrict movements, use the Geofencing feature.

Part 2: Track Wife’s Phone with Spyier

The second application we are going to discuss is the Spyier monitoring solution. It has more than 30 features that can be used to track phone activities. That includes getting a real-time location.

It also has the Geofencing feature for restrictions and a way to alert you when they are broken. So, you can use it to know more than the location if you need that. Spyier works on both Android and iOS without any rooting or jailbreaking.

Androids require a one-time installation and stealth mode activation. For iOS, you can use the iCloud credentials on the main website after creating an account. Later, the results will be in your online account. You can access it anywhere if you have an internet connection.

Part 3: Track Wife’s Phone with Spyine

Spyine will help you track the latest phone that your wife just bought. It’s also compatible with lower Android and iOS versions to 4.0 and 7.0, respectively. It also does not need any rooting or jailbreaking to continue.

If your wife has an Android, SPyine will need you to install it once. For iOS, you can track the phone online if you have the iCloud ID. For the tracking results, you get the real-time location and history of the previously visited places.

It also has the Geofencing specification. Spyine can also track the phone via SIM card in Android and show you the phone’s location. The control panel is compatible with all browsers, which permits you to use any internet-enabled device to access your account.


Part 4: Track Wife’s Phone with Spyic

You can never go wrong by choosing Spyic as your wife’s phone tracker. It will never be visible due to stealth mode, and you will always get the results away from the phone. Further, it works on both Android and Android, and you don’t need the rooting and jailbreaking tricks.

Your wife’s Android needs you to install Spyic once on that phone. If she has an iOS, then you can use the iCloud credentials on the main website to track the phone. Your online account will always tell where the phone is and where it was.

Including movement restrictions is also possible since Spyic possesses the Geofencing option. The web portal works with all browsers. So, you can check on the updates anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Part 5: Track Phone with Neatspy

Neatspy will also help you in telling where your wife is without telling. It will track the phone’s real-time location and the history of other places too. You can also use the Geofencing feature to setup restricted zones and an email for the alerts.

It’s applicable on both Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreaking. The prior needs a one-time installation and stealth mode activation. The latter platform needs you to verify the iCloud login details after registering an account on the website.

The dashboard is fully compatible with all browsers. That permits you to use any smartphone, tablet, or computer as long as it has an internet connection.

Part 6: Track Phone with ClickFree

Lastly, we have the ClickFree location tracker that you can use on your wife’s Android or iOS phone. It does not need rooting or jailbreaking. It’s also compatible with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later.

ClickFree requires you to install it once for the Android and activate the stealthy operation. In iOS, there is no need for all that since it uses the iCloud credentials to track. The location information and other details are revealed via your online account.

It also includes the Geofencing option for setting up unwanted zones. ClickFree will tell the real-time location and all the other visited places.


It doesn’t matter where your wife will be or what she is doing. With these six tracking options, you can use any to get her location in real-time. The best thing about using an app like Minspy is that it never tells about its presence.

Go ahead and choose the one that suits your requirements. We advocate using them for personal use and keeping your woman safe. If you need to use the evidence in a legal dispute, both of you must be consent.